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The Roaring 20's was a BOOM in economics. People wanted to start their lives in new way after World War 1. Using arts and entertainment, they achieved these goals. Arts and entertainment became very popular with sports, movies, radios, etc. People say after the new inventions, the U.S. became even more untied.

Vocabulary Words:Escalated- to increase intensity and/or magnitudeTalkies- movies played with soundFad- Temporary fashion or trend a group likes to followSports in the 1920’sBy Justin R1920's.jpg29thorp.jpgMany different types of sports became popular in the '20’s. This time period was labeled the “Golden Age of Sports” because of all the new popular sports and the new popular athletes. Baseball, football, boxing, horse racing, and tennis are just some of the events that captured American's attention. At this time baseball was trying to recover from the Black Sox Scandal. This scandal occurred in 1919. It was called the Black Sox Scandal, because many players on the 1919 Chicago White Sox World Series team accepted bribes to lose their games. Aside from pro sports, college football also became very popular, and baseball for all ages became a national pastime. Another reason these sports became very popular is because of the new publicity and endorsements, these inluded newspapers, magazines, radio and movies. For more info on this go to http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/special/centennial/april/sports.html.There were many famous people in this time, especially many new sports stars, they included Red Grange, Suzanne Lenglen, Bill Tilden, and Jack Dempsey. Red Grange was a famous football player that escalated the game of football to great heights. He is well known for when he scored 5 touchdowns against Michigan, however his biggest accomplishment was probably establishing the pro game. At that time pro- football was about as well known as monster truck driving today. Today pro- football is a very popular sport to play and watch. Suzanne Lenglen was without a doubt the most famous and if not the best female athlete of the 1920's. She brought a lot of attention to the game of tennis both by her exceptional play on the court and the outfits that she wore. In the 1920’s women tennis players played in long heavy dresses, Lenglen appeared in a dress that exposed her ankles and forearms, this is something that firstly astounded the fans and secondly set a new standard for women who played tennis. Bill Tilden was the first nationally known tennis star in the US. His nickname was Big Bill and he won 10 majors, including Wimbledon at the age of 37. Although he won at Wimbledon 3 times and won seven US titles. He never was able to win the French Open. Jack Dempsey was not just the greatest heavyweight of the decade but he is usually known as one of the greatest of all time. Jack was a fierce fighter and usually gave boxing fans a good fight to watch. This made him very popular figure of the day, along with Babe Ruth he was probably the most well known sportsmen of his time. If you njoyed this information and want more go to http://www.angelfire.com/anime4/sephirothbadazz/Reports/sports.html for more.


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Movies In The 1920's
By Blake E
wiki.jpgMovies were big part of the 1920’s. They were very influential to whoever watched them. When movies just began, they were silent. However, they were usually accompanied by an organ or piano in the theatre. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that talkies were invented. Talkies were movies played with sound. Some of the first movie theatres were called Nickelodeons because a movie was only a nickel. People loved going to movies because they got to watch their favorite actors or actresses. Many people looked up to actors and actresses because they thought that they lived a glamorous life. Many people also thought that if they wiki2.jpgacted like movie stars, their lives would be just a glamorous. One very famous movies startwiki3.jpg was Charlie Chaplin. (To find out more about Charlie Chaplin go to http://www.biography.com/articles/Charlie-Chaplin-9244327.) He stared in movies from the 1920’s up until the 1960’s. People loved watching him. One of his most famous movies was called The Gold Rush. The Gold Rush came out in 1925 and it was a romantic comedy silent film. Many movies in the 1920’s showed the heroes drinking and the villains. This gave a message to the people saying that drinking was good. The government put restrictions against filming scenes with alcohol unless it was an important part of the plot. Many people ignored theses restrictions therefore, the use of alcohol by many people went up. That is why movies in the 1920’s were very influential to everyone." My Sources :"1920's Movies." N.p., 2005. 8 Mar 2011. http://www.1920-30.com/movies/.
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Radios In The 1920’s

By Grace S

In the 1920’s radio was entertainment for everybody which created a BOOM in the United States. Radios were fads in this century. A fad is a temporary fashion or trend that groups like to follow. (See this video on YouTube for radio broadcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRp2u8d7lrg) Before this, in the time of World War, also known as The Great War, radio broadcasting by the public was bannkdka-logo.jpged in many countries so it would not interfere with the radio’s secret use by the military, but the ban was lifted. It began to spread too many places, but started with the first station, KDKA. Faster than the newspaper, the first broadcast was the 1920 presidential election of Warren G. Harding. Radios broadcasted such like news, sports, comedy, music, commercials, and ideas for fashions and life styles. Other station such as BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was supposed to educate, too. They said just by listening, it “United the Nation."
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The twentieth century was the "Radio's Golden Age." Households with radios went from 60,000 in 1922 to 10 million in 1929! All over the country were crystal radio sets. Crystal radios were powered by the radio waves broadcasted by the radio station. This type of radio was discovered in 1901. Listening by headsets, it is still the basis of modern-day radio and communications equipment and lives on in a wide variety of radio systems. In 1922, New York radio station, WEAF was established by the AT&T Corporation. Then, in 1923 it had a profit of $150,000 which proves that the radio industry was booming.

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