Great Migration : when African Americans movied north
Ragtime: A type of African-American music mainly listened to in the 1920s
Night-time entertainment: People enjoying themselves


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The Harlem Renaissance took place between 1920 and 1930. It was a burst of African culture like music, literature, and art. It was caused by the great migration. This was a movement of African Americans from the south to the north. Many famous writers and musicians emerged during this period of time. Due to this many white Americans had access to mythology language and musical traditions of African Americans.
The creation of the NAACP (national association for the advancement of colored people) helped colored and white people fight racism which was all across the nation. The kkk (ku klux klan) was a gang that wanted to put blacks back into slavery. The NAACP wanted to be treated like everyone else. The people of Harlem wanted to be equal.
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Harlem Renaissance

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Radio by su yon

Before the World War I, radio was only used by military purpose, and it was not common in public. However, the U.S. government decided to let the public use radio, It became one of the favorite sources of entertainment in 1920’s. Since TV was not invented yet, Americans used radio for listening to popular music, weather reports, sports, and newscasts. The invention of radio changed American culture and listening to radio became daily base to many Americans. Almost every household had radio and family members gathered around their radios for the night-time entertainment.

Not only the invention of radio changed Americans daily lives, but it also stimulated other industries like record companies and sports. The popularity of radio impacted record companies, which got scared if records would not be popular anymore. Radio made many athletes national heroes like Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb.
In roaring 20s, the discovery of radio affected on Americans culture and economy.

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Jazz is hard to define because people have different ways of looking at it. Some say it is a way to communicate emotions, such as ideas, love, good and bad things, and aspirations. Others say it’s a way to celebrate life. Something a lot of people feel is that you have to listen to it, not just read a score. This is so that you can really feel the music.
Jazz is associated with certain instruments such as the trumpet. It also includes many scales and rhythms. Jazz is a mix of African rhythms, ragtime, and blues. It captures free spirits in the 1920s. A lot of young people liked to dance to jazz music. The kind of dances they did was carefree, spiritual, and lively dances.
Some jazz artists are Bobby Bolden, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. African Americans are the ones who mostly listen to and use jazz. The artistic and cultural traditions that are associated with Africa make it sound like a “history lesson.” The history part of it is the expressions of sorrow or repression, joy of equal rights, and freedom. Jazz was so popular, that they called the 1920s The Jazz Age also.

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Movies of 1920’s

Movies of the 1920’s were considered the best entertain of the time. The “talkies” were known to wow audiences. People came from far and wide just to see these marvels of media. The biggest Disney movie at the time was Steamboat Willie. It was the first animated film with synchronized sound. The film introduced the public to Mickey Mouse who eventually became the face of the company.
The only family run company of the Big Five movie companies, Warner Brothers Studios was the best. It was run by the four brothers: Harry, Albert, Samuel, and Jack. Harry was the president of the company and handle day to day business. Albert handled distribution overseas and was the least known. Samuel was a visionary who experimented with sound for the movies but died before talkies were invented. Jack oversaw all productions and was the best known of the public. Together they always worked hard to make the best of movies in the ‘20s, and today.

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World War 1 caused the 1916 Olympics to be cancelled and all the popular sports were not as popular anymore. These sports included college football, baseball, and other team sports. Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees was one of the most popular baseball players and still is. In basketball the popular player was Michael Jordan most commonly known as MJ. This was very good because before 1920 there was no NFL(National Football League) or Olympics.
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