Arts and Entertainment was a great aspect in the 1920s. This entertained many people and most of all they all liked it. Arts and entertainment was the thing that actually changed the roaring twenties.
Sports By: Ben Allen

In the 1920's, people had more and more free time to play games and sports.
that is why the sports of the roaring 20's became widly popular and many people participated in sporting events and played more sports.

One of the sports that was widly popular baseball.Baseball was very popular and many people went
to see baseball games in many states around the U.S. Most of them whent to see Babe Ruth bat a big homerun. The first winter Olympics was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France and
the U.S. sent athletes to compeate in it. Boxing became very popular and many people went to watch the matches.Baseball & Tennis & Football
were now watched at stadiums and played my many people. Many people attended the Indy 500 races because cars were now more readily available.
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Vocab: Babe Ruth- a baseball player of the 1920's- considered one of the best in the world.

Radio in the 1920’s By: David Herman

In the 1920’s there was an abundance of entertainment methods. One of them was radio. A radio then wasn’t like the radios that he have that are the size of a iPod of are in our cars, they were pieces of furniture in our houses. They weren’t just there, they were pieces of furniture, they were part of the of the room’s look.
Most historians believe though, commercial radio broadcasts started in 1920 with the radio-1920s.jpg
broadcast of KDKA. KDKA wasn’t the first radio station but it is still given that place.

Radio stations obviously didn’t start professionally. They started at the beginning. Most radio stations started broadcasting popular music, classical music, fictional stories, sporting events, newscasts, lectures, political commentary, weather reports, and
market updates. Market updates were things that showed what was happening it the stock market.
Radio became a mess. Radio stations were always up for grabs. There was a lot of confusion and disruption. Radio shows would always over lap each other.

All of the radio corporations were not looking for profit. They were doing it for the public. There were
deejays__, people who played music on the radio.

Radio worked on the concept of radio waves. Radio waves were similar to light waves. They traveled at the same speed. They had one very good quality. They weren’t affected by weather of the fact that it is day or night. They needed very large antennas to recive.


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Movies and Thearters of the 1920s By: Michael Piedmont mickey02.jpg1920s_criterion.jpg During the roaring twenties entertainment was the best thing in the decade. One of those great things is movies and theaters. During the 1920s almost all films were silent. In the late 20s, there were films that had sound. All films in 20s were black and white; and later on movies started to have color. When people watched silent films in the 20s you see a piano player playing next to the screen to make the film more dramatic. Also when the actors and actresses are talking in the movie there is a caption that shows up on the screen, so you can understand what they are discussing about. Sometimes you see a tiny orchestra next to the screen too. When sound was invented for movies in the late 20s, there are no musicians in the theater; the movie has music in it. Also another thing about movies is movie cartoons. One great movie carton in the 20s is Mickey Mouse. This character was made by Walt Disney. One of the oldest Mickey Mouse episodes of all time is Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie”, which is shown above. Movie stars also got very popular in the 1920s. A silent film that was very popular was “The Wizard of Oz.” This silent film was very popular and a lot of people liked it. Movies changed the modern age of America, in the roaring twenties.