During the 1920’s the rise of Al Capone occurred. Al Capone is known for many things, for going to Alcatraz and also being known for having a scar on his face. During a fight in a bar Al Capone was slashed with a razor and was giving the name scare face. Capone's first arrest was on a disorderly conduct charge while he was working for Yale.
Al Capone began to join gangs even when he was little. After he left school, he joined a street gang and became great friends with the leader John Torrie and became lifelong friend with each other. Capone was also friends with Lucky Luciano who later became one of the most prominent criminals in the country. John Torrie was wounded during an attempted assassination and stepped down from the gang and let Al Capone wear the “outfit” of the boss. They use to call Capone “The Big Fellow”. Al Capone was quickly proven a better mob boss than John Torrie. Attempt on Capone’s life were never successful. He had many spies that were policeman newspaper boys. This kept him updated on people who wanted his life.
A typical Al Capone kill was his men would rent an apartment across the street and shooting him as soon as he stepped outside. One of Al Capone’s most famous things he is known for is the Valentine’s Day Massacre which occurred February 14, 1929. Capone’s men dressed as policemen and then they raided the North Side Gang. The 7 North side gang members thought it was a police raid so they dropped their guns. Capone’s men shot more than 150 bullets. Capone didn’t even kill the man he was looking for. Later in Capone’s life he was caught and called out for tax evasion. He was proven guilty and sent to Alcatraz’s. Al Capone was sentenced to Alcatraz for 11 years. Al Capone started to show signs of dementia. Al Capone Died January 24, 1947 at the age of 48. Al Capone died from heart failure. Al Capone died a crazy and insane man.

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