• MODERN LIVING Urbanization, Airplanes & Cars/Highways, Fads & Crazes
  • THE NEW WOMAN Flappers, Fashions & Career Women
  • PROHIBITION Gangsters, Bootleggers, Speakeasies & G-Men
  • RESISTING CHANGE The Rise of the KKK, The Scopes "Monkey" Trial & the Back to Africa Movement
  • ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Movies, Sports & The Harlem Renaissance

  1. Research your sub-topic
  2. Write a short summary of your research (1-2 paragraphs)
  3. Add 2-3 images which illustrate your summary - the images can be photographs or video
  4. Include 2-3 links that will help others find more information about your topic
  5. Use 2 sources to gather your information (1 book and 1 database source)
  6. Create a Works Cited list for all your information, including any pictures you use


  1. Write an short introduction that states a theme or thesis about your whole group's topic
  2. Create a vocabulary list of 3-5 key terms for your group's topic which are clearly defined in your research