You must follow certain rules when you're writing on the wiki.


1. Use first names and last initials ONLY. Never put your whole name on the wiki.
2. Never put your email address on the wiki.


1. Writing skills count! No texting/email abbreviations, please. There's no spellcheck function, so you'll have to proofread carefully.
2. Think about your words.
  • Your opinion is welcome. Be respectful of others' opinions.
  • No insults or "killer" statements that might make someone leave the conversation.
    • Example: "I can't believe you think that! That's the dumbest thing I ever heard, you knucklehead!"


1. Your teachers will be using the Discussion section to leave comments, and you can use it to leave questions for us.
2. We can check the History section to see whose been making changes. If anything looks fishy (like someone deletes someone else's work) we can tell whodunnit.