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    opportunities. One of the first signs of the renaissance was the magazine “A Journal of a Negro Life.” This magazine promised an issue to any black writer that
    wanted to be published. This gave many people who had dreams of being famous writers and poets a chance. Another sign of the renaissance was Jessie Fauset. She wrote the book “There is Confusion.” This book inspired many middle class black women. Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen were two poets that were discovered through the Harlem Renaissance. They became well known because of the civic club dinner. This first dinner opened new doors for African American writers and artists to meet wealthy white patrons. Fine artists were pulled into spotlight by being put on the covers of magazines. They used this opportunity to present problems in American culture.
    hiring blacks. The
    Harlem {harlem_renaissance_postcards_1101120443.gif} Renaissance was
    self discovery {harlem_renaissance_postcards_1101120443.gif} {halrmemem.jpg} {halrmemem.jpg} .
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    The Roaring 20's were a time of change and prosperity. One of the many luxuries of the 20's and 30's were the extroidanary arts and entertainment businesses. Sports for women and men became popular, new movies called Talkies attracted attention, almost every American listened to the radio, which the US, and new music like jazz was greatly influenced by Louis Armstrong and by the Harlem Renaissance.
    Hakim, Joy. Revised Third Edition. 3rd ed. vol. 9. New York: Oxford University Press , 2006. 55-57. Print.
    During the 1920’s sports started to be a big thing. They called it the “Golden Age” of sports. This is because now that people had a lot of money and prosperity, there was enough time to do things that were fun and enjoyable. A few of these things are movies, radios, telephones, and TV. As TV became very popular, sports got even more popular. This is because they showed sport games including baseball, swimming, football, basketball, boxing, horse racing, tennis and many more. They also showed college, recreation, and pro games. Because of all the media, many players got famous. One famous baseball player that everyone should know is Babe Ruth. He got very famous because of all the new media. Also, Jack Dempsey and Benny Leonard got to be very famous boxers.
    People believed that Harold “Red” Grange was the best football player. He was known as the “Galloping Ghost” because of all his style and speed. When sports began to get popular, African Americans wanted to play sports to. The Jim Crow laws stated that Whites and African Americans have to be on separate teams. So, African Americans all over decided to make their own teams. Also, people didn’t think women playing sports was ladylike so they had to fight for their right for sports. Many colleges let girls have their own basketball teams. Even schools had their own teams for kids! Sports made a big impact on people all over in the 1920’s.
    {spiorts.gif} {babe-ruth.jpg}
    PhotoPhoto Citation:
    babe ruth." babe ruth Facrs. Web. 14 Mar 2011. < >.
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    One of the many prosperities of the Roaring 1920’s was the movie production. People loved to go out on their nights and go to attend movies that originally had no sound. The movies were silent, accompanied by a live piano performance in the Nickelodeons (the theaters). People would describe the movies in the theaters as “an aura of magic and mystery, of laughter and tears.”
    It wasn’t until 1923 that a commercial’s film contained a sound track that was photographically recorded, and printed on the side of a film strip. This was 7 years before talking really got popular in movies, but it definitely ended the silent era. In 1927 Hollywood had became the center of the movie industry in the U.S. with 85% of movie production in and around Hollywood. The 1920’s was then named the best era of movie output in the United States. Colors and sounds were still developing but there was a high demand for movies. One of the cons of these new inventions is that once the talkies (movies with sound) gained sound, the level of profanity rose in movies, this was when they had to make ratings to make certain movies appropriate for the juvenile generation. Overall, one of the many prosperities of the Roaring 20’s was movie production, and it brought a lot of change into the entertainment world.
    {Walt_Disney.gif} {film.jpg}
    RADIO (Julia)
    The radio was one of the most important inventions for the United States in the 1920’s. The radio was very popular by 1923 over 3 million people owned one. The radio was created by a variety of people. The person who came up with the original idea of the radio was Guglielmo Marconi. Not only did it help spread information. But it helped create similar interest between people. Jazz was a common type of music that was played on the radio. The interest of jazz brought people together because it was an easy conversation topic it could also help bring people together with dance. New types of dances were choreographed in the 1920’s such as the Charleston. here is a live clip of the Charleston dance tune that was commonly played on the radio click play # 4 to here the snazzy tune:
    Probably the best aspect of the radio was that it helped the United States achieve goals that people never thought would be possible. The U. S wanted to fly across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Paris. Using a radio for signals the pilot; Charles Lindbergh and the United States achieved their goal. This is why the radio was one of the most important inventions during the 1920’s.
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  1. page Resisting Change 4 edited ... By Taylor G. Segregation was affecting millions of blacks in America, whether it was getting…
    By Taylor G.
    Segregation was affecting millions of blacks in America, whether it was getting out of a seat for someone else, or even being killed because they were black and they could vote. The KKK was responsible for many deaths among the colored people population. After the war, blacks were able to live as equals, but in the south most whites didn’t give up and started a back to Africa compromise. It grew constantly every day. Soon enough they got the attention of a senator and many other government officials.
    very harsh on the blacks,
    to get back theirbacktheir independence and
    American public.
    {sad.jpg} As segregation continues, a ton of blacks abandoned their southern life and tried elsewhere. Most went north, but some went westward to have a new beginning. This movement of thousands of people creates the "great migration". The great migration put the pressure on the fragile balance with the northern nations. While this migration is happening, the economy is also affected greatly. This is when the north had great prosperity. On the other hand, the south was not doing so good in terms of a money stand point.
    More on the subject:

    Works Cited:
    American History Textbook
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  1. page Prohibition 2G edited ... Eliot Ness and the Untouchables In the late 1920s, Al Capone was one of the most successful …
    Eliot Ness and the Untouchables
    In the late 1920s, Al Capone was one of the most successful criminals in the U.S.. When President Hoover was elected, he was determined to stop Capone and his crimes. Hoover started by getting IRS agents to build a case against him about him not paying his taxes. Then he hired a man named Eliot Ness to go after Capone’s breweries and distilleries. Ness wrote a book called The Untouchables in which he estimated Capone had 20 breweries that sent out 100 barrels of hard liquor every day. To help him with his task of capturing the breweries, Ness hired a team of 9 men to search and destroy the breweries. Ness and his team spent time looking and with time found their first target. They charged into the brewery with sawed off shotguns and yelled that it was a federal raid. Over the next few months, Ness and his team shut down around 19 distilleries and breweries, worth around $1,000,000. Ness continued to shut down Capone’s operations, and when an attempt to pay him and his partner off failed, he was targeted for murder. Ness barely escaped Capone’s attacks many times, and in one assault his friend was murdered. Ness kept going at Capone, and humiliated him by driving a parade of his captured trucks in front of Capone’s headquarters. Capone was furious and became obsessed with having Ness killed. But Ness again got lucky and evaded being killed with a car bomb. The government soon got Capone and convicted him on tax evasion and not Prohibition Violation. He went to jail where he deteriorated from syphilis and by the end of his sentence was nearly a vegetable.
    This is a site with information all about Eliot Ness. It includes his early life, his career with the law, and what he did after he captured Capone.
    This site has extensive information about his whole life.
    This has brief explanation of “The Real Story” behind Eliot Ness, providing light behind the blunt firefights in The Untouchables flim.
    This site has many photographs of Eliot Ness and his wife, family and associates.

    By Jon C
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    new forms overof travel, such
    urbanized country, as people began
    Finally, there were many new fads and crazes, that swept the nation. Some of these new fads were Mahjong tiles. Throughout the 20's, America was in a time of prosperity and happiness.
    Kelly Air Mail Act: Law passed in 1927 that made airlines carry US mail on the flights. This made coast to coast mail a lot faster than it used to be.
    Urbanization: During the Roaring 20's many people migrated from rural areas to big cities, hoping to find jobs there.
    Assembly Line: Henry Ford used this to make the production of cars a lot quicker, which lowered the price of cars. The assembly line was a belt with a car on it, and when it went by a worker, the worker put a single piece onto the car.
    Fad: An activity or passion that is taken up by many people, but only for a short period of time, then it dies down.
    Flappers: Young women in the 1920's who tried all the newest fads and crazes. They helped change how women were portrayed in the 1920's.

    1920's Birth of Commercial Flight - Ryan
    In 1918, the Air Mail service was established in America. The plane engines had progressed greatly due to the need for planes in World War I, and the Post Office created a coast-to coast air mail network. This was a chain of planes that would get mail around the country as fast as possible. An map of the air mail routes is shown below. Also in the 1920’s ,many of the first commercial airlines were established. The government decided that airlines would profit the economy, and airplanes could move something like mail a lot faster. Then, they passed the Kelly Air Mail Act in 1927. This law forced commercial airlines carry United States mail when they carried people. This cut the delivery time of coast-to-coast mail to less than 22 hours. In the 1920’s, the Air Mail service was delivering over 14 million letters and flying over 2.5million miles per year. The first five airlines to get contracts from the Air Mail Service were National Air Transport, Varney Airlines, Western Air Express, Colonial Air Transport, and Robertson Aircraft Corporation. These airlines, which started out only carrying mail, eventually grew into carrying cargo, and then passengers. Also, many pilots became famous for their feats in an airplane. Some examples are Charles Lindbergh, Emelia Earhart. These people were he first to cross the Atlantic and accomplished other signficant challenges and tasks. Air planes were one of the industries that profited the most duing the Roaring 20's.
    {logo.png} Mahjong
    tiles were
    {mahjong_tiles.gif} Mhajong Tiles {flagpolesitting.jpg} {dance_competition.jpg} A woman has passed out after dancing for many days straight
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    Golden Age of Sports: Time in the 1920's where sports were very popular and many athletes became heros
    Blocking: using your arm to block a punch
    Bout: boxing match between two people including 3 rounds
    can of corn: easy catch by an outfielder
    Dinger: a home run
    No man's land: place between the baseline and the service line on a tennis court

    There were many popular sports in the 1920’s, some were baseball, tennis, football, hockey, boxing, and golf. Baseball was the most popular in New York with The Yankees and The New York Giants. Many people listened to boxing and baseball on radios if they couldn’t go to the games. Many sports figures were heroes of most of the American population. In the 1920’s the American Professional Football Association was created. Also the Negro baseball league was created in 1920. Most of the popular sports heroes are known still today.
    Babe Ruth: He was one of the greatest baseball hitter ever. He hit 714 home runs in his career. His batting average was .342 of his lifetime. He began his career with the Baltimore Orioles. Then he joined the Boston Red Sox as the pitcher. In 1920 he was sold to The New York Yankees. In 1934 The Yankees released him. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1936.
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  4. page Modern Living 2G edited ... Airmail Routes in the United States." American History Online. Facts On File, Inc. http:/…
    Airmail Routes in the United States." American History Online. Facts On File, Inc.
    ItemID=WE52&iPin=AMHC4125&SingleRecord=True (accessed March 15, 2011).
    Picture Sources:
    Airline Promotion -,_1920s-SPL.jpg?id=863200173
    Airmail Routes -

    For more information, visit:
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